Love Mascori products and want FREE shoes? Even FREE shoes monthly since now? 👠👡👢👟Then you must read this. It's easy!

We believe that each woman is unique and has her own sense of fashion and life, trust me that you can inspire more! Show your best Mascori looks after receiving your Mascori items and earn FREE shoes even monthly!

How to Earn FREE Shoes:


💁‍♀Upload a video to show your Mascori style on your YouTube channel and meet all these requirements:

1. Gain at least 1000 views within 7 days and contact us immediately.

2. Please add our brand name Mascori in your YouTube video name, as well as the product links in description.

3. Please contact our customer service via with the exact info below: 

YouTube video link

Your order #

Email address used in your order

*Your Instagram name (we'd love to repost and share with all our fashion friends, but it depends on you whether allow us to share and @ you or not).

💁‍♀Post Mascori review photos on Instagram to show your Mascori style and meet these requirements:

 1. Post your fabulous review looks on Instagram with our brand name Mascori and tag our official IG @mascori_shop in your caption of each post.

2. Post at least 10 review pictures on Instagram within 2 weeks. Gain at least 800 likes in total - and contact us immediately once you meet the requirements.

3. Please contact our customer service via with the exact info below: 

Your Instagram post links

Your order #

Email address used in your order


It's so easy, right?

🍀Our customer service be getting back to you ASAP and identity your qualification and arrange to ship a new pair of Mascori shoes to you once you meet all the requirements within the specific time.

🍀Excellent ladies who can keep sharing and inspiring will even get FREE shoes monthly.


1. Please feel free to share your stories with Mascori when sharing your review videos/pictures, as well as your fashion tips and anything that would help inspiring others.

2. As you can see that you used IMMEDIATELY 2 times as views/likes are calculating all the time. Your qualification only makes sense when you meet all the requirements within the deadline. 

3. If you don't have many followers, no worries, you can share your videos/posts across all your social media pages and invite family and friends to help you spread.

4. This campaign's goal is to share and inspire. Customers who make fake views/likes would be disqualified of getting free shoes.

5. Mascori reserves the right to update or modify these rules at any time without prior notice.


🏃‍♀Are you ready? The FREE shoes are waiting for you! Come on!

Please don't hesitate to contact us via if you have any questions or concerns. We are looking forward to hear from you : )

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